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Professional, Personal, Corporate, and Business Accounting Services in Canada

Do you understand the numbers of your business? The numbers matter and no one takes more of a serious, refined, and attentive process to understanding the numbers of your business than us. At JTT Accounting, numbers are our business, and we know how to unpack them for you in a way that you can understand.

JTT Accounting can manage your day-to-day bookkeeping responsibilities. We’re up to any task. From preparing audited financial statements for corporate shareholder’s meetings to filing taxes for freelancers, you can rely on us for any accounting task.

Reach out to the team at JTT Accounting and find out how we can help your business evolve to new levels of growth and profitability.

Our goal is to prepare your company for investment, streamline your business operations, and maintain compliance with the Canadian Revenue Agency and all financial regulations. You can rely on JTT Accounting for top-rated, client-focused accounting services in Canada.


Welcome to JTT Accounting Professionals

JTT Accounting is a firm of qualified, experienced, chartered accountants at your service. Our team offers individuals and companies a way to outsource financial responsibilities.

Free your time to concentrate your energy on your business by leaving your finances in the hands of tax and accounting professionals you can trust and depend on to deliver value for your company.

We work with anyone that needs accounting. From assisting corporates with an outsourced, full-house financial solution to working with small businesses, professionals, freelancers, and students – JTT Accounting does it all.

Our track record speaks for itself, and we’re confident we’re the team you need to work with to master your finances.


JTT Accounting – Your Online Tax Accountant and Accounting Service

JTT Accounting offers Canadians a specialized accounting service built by Canadian accountants for all Canadians. We service all of Canada’s provinces, cities, and towns; all you need is an internet connection. Our online accounting platform allows us to connect with clients across Canada.

We’re your online tax accountant that’s always available. You can rely on us to plan your financial responsibilities. JTT Accounting brings you a holistic solution you can depend on for monthly financial reports, financial statements, and filing taxes. You get access to online tax accountants that know how to communicate with you in the digital era.

Our team has specialized accounting knowledge of Canadian financial legislation and regulations. We work to keep our clients in compliance with all laws surrounding their business operations and tax responsibilities.


Find an Accountant Near Me in Canada

If you’re searching for an online accounting service in Canada, you’re at the right place. JTT Accounting services any Canadian living in Canada or abroad. Connect with us through our website portal, and we’ll arrange a consultation to provide you with a custom accounting solution.


Find Accounting and Tax Services Near Me in Canada

Do you need accounting and tax services in Canada? We’ll work with you regardless of the size of your company or the address of your head office. Our accounting services are available for all Canadian entities, anywhere in the country.


Find a Personal Tax Accountant Near Me in Canada

Are you a doctor, lawyer, or freelancer? We handle taxes and accounting for professionals and gig workers. Whether you run a family practice or you work from home online, you can leverage the services of JTT Accounting right from your mobile device, laptop, or desktop.


Find a Business Accountant Near Me in Canada

Do you own a small business? JTT Accounting understands you barely have time to think, let alone do your books and financial reporting. Don’t let your finances get away from you. Our team manages your books while you run your business. Contact us for business tax accounting services anywhere in Canada.


Why Choose JJT Accounting as Your Accounting Firm?

JTT Accounting brings you an online solution for managing your finances, regardless of the size of your business. We bring you a total back-office support solution for your books and tax requirements.

We have everything you need to control your business finances with monthly reporting, tax advisory, payroll services, and tax filing. Why build an in-house finance team and commit to being an employer when you can use us?

JTT Accounting will automate your financial responsibilities, ensuring you get results that exceed your expectations. We’ll help you identify where you’re leaving money on the table with your business operations. Our team streamlines your business by analyzing your finances and expenses, showing you where you can cut back and save on costs without changing how you do business.

We understand that you have bigger things on your plate than worrying about your books. Sure, you know the complexities and importance of running your finances. It’s just that it’s always at the bottom of your priority list. When you have so much going on, it’s hard to find the time to sleep, let alone do the books.

We get that, and we’re ready to take your finances to the top of our priority list.


Professional Chartered Accounting Services in Canada

We’re a team of qualified and experienced chartered accountants ready to serve your business. We have a passion for numbers, and we’re prepared to apply our skillset to managing your finances. With JTT Accounting, you’re adding a professional accounting service to your team.

Your business is only as successful as the team you build around you at any level of the business spectrum, from the largest corporates to self-employed freelancers. With JTT accounting, you get the premier Canadian accounting team online backing your finances.


Comprehensive Tax and Accounting Services in Canada

We offer a full suite of accounting services from daily bookkeeping to corporate and personal tax filings, payroll, HST, and more. Contact the team at JTT Accounting for immediate assistance. We’re the professional team you need to handle the financial aspects of your business.


A Focus on Small Business and Professional Accounting Services

JTT Accounting offers small business owners and professionals like doctors and lawyers a custom accounting solution for their family office, firm, or practice. We believe that small business is the backbone of the American economy. We want to help you navigate the financial playing field with an accounting service that adds value to your professional, business, and finances.


Contact JTT Accounting – We Want to Add Value to Your Business

 We all hear the word “value” thrown around a lot these days. At JTT Accounting, it’s our goal to help you leverage our services to free your time. With more time on your hands and less stress surrounding your finances, you can focus on areas of your business where you need to improve.

JTT Accounting helps assess and analyze your business operations, cutting down on your operating expenses while improving your margins. We lower your tax responsibility, keeping more money in your corporate, business, or personal bank account.

When we say we bring value to your business, we really mean it. Our services practically pay for themselves, and then some. Reach out to our team, and we’ll arrange a consultation to talk about getting the financial responsibilities of your business on track.


Accounting Services in Canada Focusing on Growth – Our Service Offering

Employees, freelancers, small business owners, and corporates all have one thing in common. They all want to see growth in their business.

Whether you’re an employee looking for a raise, a professional, business owner, freelancer wanting to improve profits, or a corporate looking to increase your share price – You all value growth.

Growth is what matters, and JTT Accounting is your partner in growth for your business. We cover every aspect of business finance at every level, and we operate anywhere in the country. Choose JTT Accounting for your preferred accounting service in Canada.

Our holistic range of services includes bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and advisory services that cover everything you need. Contact our service team, and we’ll book a consultation at your convenience.

Personal, Professional, Business, and Corporate Tax Returns

 JTT Accounting handles all aspects of your tax returns. Our team of professional chartered accountants knows everything about the Canadian tax code and how it applies to any stage of business and any business model.

We offer annual tax filing assistance for gig workers, freelancers, and independent contractors. We can help you claim back your operating costs from your taxes, lowering your tax bracket and your payment to the Canadian Revenue Agency.

We’ll help you submit your T1 and T2 returns, providing direction on supporting documents for a successful filing. We have the qualifications and experience to ensure you lower your tax liability.

We File Your Tax Returns on Your Behalf

We do the filing for you. Many business owners and freelancers don’t have the time to wade thru the reporting requirements for supporting documents required to lower your tax rate. Fortunately, we do that for you.

With JTT Accounting, you give us a breakdown of your income and expenses and the supporting documents for the filing, and we do everything on your behalf.

We understand the dynamics of the federal and provincial tax code, and we’ll help you navigate the space ethically and legally, helping you save money on your tax obligations.

We ensure your filing gets to the relevant authorities bore the April 30th or June 15th deadline. With us, you’ll never have to worry about paying late penalty fees on your filing. We ensure you have everything ready to go well before the deadline.

We’ll Secure Your Tax Credits

There’s more to just handing in a tax return every year. If you’re not optimizing your return to include your expenses, you’re missing out.

However, you might also be failing to take advantage of many government-sponsored financial incentives for your income bracket of business entity.

Our team of talented accountants understands all the government benefits and incentive programs, and we can help you qualify for credits to lower your tax burden.

General Accounting and Tax Services

JTT Accounting offers you the best Canadian-focused accounting and tax service in Canada. Our team can handle all aspects of general accounting and tax-related filings and queries. We have the experience and skillset you need to help your business stay compliant while reducing your tax responsibility.

The result is more money in your personal, business, or corporate bank account. 

We take care of anything from professionally preparing company financial statements. Preparing personal, business, professional, or corporate tax filings, payroll taxes, HST, and planning and advisory.

Everyday Bookkeeping Services

If you run a casual or small business, you might benefit from having us do your bookkeeping. If your small business is taking off, finding time to do the books is challenging, and we get that. We can help you keep your house in order.

Outsource your bookkeeping duties to JTT Accounting and let us do it for you. You might think you don’t have the money to include accounting services in your expenses.

However, we’re confident you’ll find that the savings we make for your business through keeping your books in preparation for your tax return save you more money than you expect when filing season arrives.

Professional Advisory Services

JTT Accounting offers you professional financial advisory services. Our team of chartered accountants has decades of experience in helping businesses refine and hone their operations into well-tuned profit engines.

Our advisory services are available for any level of business and any model. From corporates to small businesses, professionals, and freelancers. We have accounting services to fit your unique needs.

Incorporation Services

For small business owners starting to break through to the market, it’s time to take the next step and formalize your business. Incorporating your company gives you a vehicle to help you save on your taxes. We’ll lower your overall tax liability using proven, legal strategies to save your business money. From LLCs to S-Corps, our team will advise you on the best entity to formalize your business.


Delegate Your Responsibilities and Focus on Your Business

As business owners, we know you value your time. Time is our most important asset, and no matter how much money you have, you can’t buy more time. At JTT Accounting, we believe how you spend your time as a business owner determines if you achieve your business directives and goals.

Delegating responsibility to others is the best way to make the most out of your time in your business. When you outsource your obligations, you start to free your time to work “on” your business rather than “in” it.

With JTT Accounting running your finances, you have more time to focus on what matters, and that’s different for everyone. We reduce the stress you feel around not knowing the financial status of your business.

Do you know your numbers? How do you know if you’re making money if you don’t? JTT Accounting can work with you to unpack your company finances, show you where you are spending, where you can save on costs, and where you can improve to streamline your operations.


Leverage Your Time with Our Accounting Services in Canada

Contact JTT Accounting right now. Our online portal makes it easy to connect with an accountant for a consultation.

We work with independent contractors, freelancers, small businesses, and corporates anywhere in Canada. Outsource your accounting responsibilities to us, and we’ll bring your business to the next level of success.


Who Can Benefit from JTT Accountant Services?

Sole Proprietors and Salespeople

If you’re a commission-based salesperson, a sole proprietor, or a freelancer/ gig worker, you need the skills of a personal accountant. JTT Accounting will help you save on your taxes and keep your books in order. Don’t procrastinate on bookkeeping or tax returns – reach out to the team at JTT Accounting.


Let JTT Accounting handle your finances and tax affairs if you’re an independent consultant. We’ll structure the finances of your consultancy business to save you on your taxes and put more money in your bank account.


Canadian students studying at home or abroad need to file after they reach 18-years old. JTT Accounting can handle the hassle involved with filing your tax return. We’ll help you manage your bursary and scholarship taxes and any student income you generate.


JTT Accounting handles all aspects of corporate finances and tax affairs. We offer a holistic outsourced solution for Fortune 500 companies to niche corporate entities. We’ll keep you compliant with the tax code, and our advisory services help your business manage growth.

Small Businesses

With JTT Accounting handling your finances and taxes, you have professionals giving you a snapshot of your company’s financial health. We’ll take care of your taxes and show you where you can improve your profitability.


JTT Accounting works with startups to prepare your finances for investment and manage your growth as you move through the startup phase. With us by your side, your company will know what runway you’re working with at all times, save you on taxes, and we’ll prepare your audited financial statements for investors.


JTT Accounting Services in Canada for Professionals

Tax and Accounting Services for Lawyers in Canada

JT Accounting works with law firms and family offices across Canada. Let us handle your finances and taxes while you deal with your clients.

Tax and Accounting Services for Doctors in Canada

We understand that doctors are very busy people. JTT Accounting can help you with your finances and tax responsibility and claim back the operating expenses of your practice.

Tax and Accounting Services for Dentists in Canada

Let JTT Accounting add value to your dental practice. We work with hundreds of dentists across Canada, handling their financial affairs and taxes. Let us help you reduce the responsibilities of running your dentistry.

Tax and Accounting Services for Chiropractors in Canada

JTT Accounting works with OCA grads and chiropractic offices across Canada. You can rely on us to manage your books and taxes while you work on aligning spines and minds.


Why Hire Us for Accounting Services in Canada?

So, why Hire JTT Accounting from the dozens of other Canadian accounting services in your search results. Let’s unpack what we can do for you when you outsource your accounting and tax responsibilities to us.

Focus on the Business While We Take Care of the Books

With JTT Accounting, you leverage your time. Focus on the key aspects of growing the business while we manage the books.

Optimize Operations and Expenses

JTT Accounting can prepare all your financial reports. We go one step further with our advisory services, showing you where you can save money on your operating costs.

We Point Out Your Profitability Shortfalls

Let our chartered accountants assist you with assessing and setting profit margins to bring more cash flow into your company. We identify areas to tighten your operating expenses, streamlining your business.

Professional Bookkeeping Is an Investment that Pays Off

With JTT Accounting managing your finances and expenses and preparing your taxes, your business will save money. When tax season rolls around, you’ll find we save your company thousands of dollars on your tax liability. Our services essentially pay for themselves.


Bookkeeping Is Challenging and Time-Consuming – Let JTT Accounting Handle It for You

Why go to the hassle of learning software systems like QuickBooks only to file a mediocre tax return that leaves money on the table for your business?

Hiring the professionals at JTT Accounting ensures you optimize your tax return and reduce your liability to the lowest level possible. Reach out to our offices right now to find out what we can do for you.

JTT Accounting Services Canada

Hire JTT Accounting for Your Preferred Accountant Service in Canada

JTT Accounting works for your business, not the government’s or tax authority’s interests. Our goal is to ensure you comply with all the regulations surrounding Canada’s financial and tax code. We can handle all aspects of business and corporate finance, bringing you an outsourced solution you can rely on to deliver results.

We assist with preparing financial statements to GIFI standards filing zero returns for dormant and inactive corporate entities.

Our professional tax planning ensures small businesses qualify for the Small Business Deduction Limit, carrying your losses forward or backward to reduce tax liabilities. Our professional team of experienced, qualified, and talented tax consultants files your return on time, with your organization’s best interests at heart.

If you’re looking for an accounting service in Canada, reach out to the team at JTT Accounting. We bring you a holistic range of accounting and tax advisory services for businesses, corporates, professionals, independent contractors, freelancers, and more.


Hire Us for All Tax, Bookkeeping, and Accountant Services in Canada

Our professional accounting and bookkeeping services in Canada set up your company’s financial processes.

We provide you with the framework needed for effective tracking of your finances. We set up easy to maintain systems, and you’ll wonder why you never thought of hiring us before when you see the difference it makes to your bookkeeping duties.

Our services help your business avoid cash flow crunches, missed investment opportunities, and wasted financial resources.

We’ll help you manage your company affairs. With us taking care of your business finances, you avoid the frustration and hassle of preparing your financial statements and filing your tax return and financial reports.

We have the following general accounting services on offer.

  • Accounts Receivable and Payable.
  • Bank Reconciliations.
  • Bookkeeping reorganization and clean-ups.
  • Payroll Reconciliations.
  • General Journal and ledger.
  • Personal and business accounts.
  • Bookkeeping for non-profits.
  • P&L and trial balances.

We give your company the edge it needs to remain competitive in today’s heavily regulated economy. Whether you operate a brick-and-mortar business, run an eCommerce store, or work online, JTT Accounting brings you the accounting service you need to stay ahead of the pack.

We can assist with setting up financial systems for a new business venture or restructuring financial systems to clean your bookkeeping up. Our functional, effective, comprehensive financial reporting is easy to understand, giving you a snapshot of your business finances from a 30,000-foot view.

We create budgets and map your financial projections. We use that data, incorporating it into your strategic planning.

JTT Accounting assists with payroll setup and GST/HST calculation. Our primary goal is the streamlining of your financial systems. We create accurate checks and balances to ensure your company adheres to best practices and compliance with the CRA.

Contact our consultants now to book your appointment. We can host a virtual meeting with you anywhere in Canada.

  • We work with any small to mid-sized business in Canada.
  • We help individuals with personal financial reporting and record-keeping.
  • We’ll help your startup set up your financial systems, building a solid foundation.
  • Let us take the responsibility of bookkeeping off your plate.
  • We’ll prevent mishandling and mismanagement of your company or individual finances.
  • Why pay a full-time bookkeeper when you can outsource it to us?
  • We’ll prepare your quarterly and annual filings, keeping you compliant with the CRA.

JTT Accounting brings you the premier accounting and tax service in Canada. Our track record of success speaks for itself, and we pride ourselves on our client retention.

 When your first filing season rolls around with us, you find it surprising how much we save you on your tax bill. With JTT Accounting, your organization has a financial framework for success.


Hire Us for Corporate Tax Accountant Services in Canada

JTT Accounting works with corporate entities of all sizes across Canada. You can rely on us for top-level accounting and tax-related advice from chartered accountants. We’ll act as your tax accountant or advisor, working remotely.

JTT Accounting allows you to outsource your accounting and tax responsibility, reducing your operating and HR costs.

The Canada Revenue Agency states corporations other than resident charities and crown corporations must file corporate income tax returns using form T2. Even if they are filing a zero return or a return for a dormant company, they must file.

With JTT Accounting working as your nominated corporate tax accountant, we file your T2 return no later than 6-months after closing the tax year. If your organization owes any corporate tax, we’ll advise you on making the payment.

We specialize in drafting accounting financial statements, otherwise known as the General Index of Financial Information (GIFI). We create and use your GIFI statement when filing your tax return.

All corporates registered in Canada must prepare financial statements using GIFI codes when filing their T2 return. After preparing your tax return, we file it with one of the seven provincial tax offices across the country.

With JTT Accounting, you get a bespoke corporate tax return service catering to your company’s unique needs and business model. Some of our top-rated tax accountant services include the following.

  • The filing of T2 corporate income tax returns.
  • Interpreting financial statements to match the General Index of Financial Information (GIFI).
  • Filing of zero returns for inactive organizations.
  • Industry-leading tax planning.


Hire Us for Corporate and Business Incorporation Services in Canada

Are you planning the launch of a company, small business, or tech startup? Contact JTT Accounting, and we’ll help you get the right start.

We offer a range of incorporation services for all types of corporate entities. Based on your company requirements and your optimal tax strategy, we can assist you with transitioning from an LLC to an S-Corp.

We can create any corporate structure to accommodate your business model and needs. Our chartered accountants advise you on the best framework for your corporation, and we can assist with setting up vehicles for holding companies and offshore accounts.


Corporate Tax Services in Canada

JTT Accountants offers specialist corporate tax accounting services. Our firm comprises some of the best talents in the industry available to you through our online platform.


SR&ED Tax Services

JTT Accounting understands the complexities surrounding the legislation and regulations of SR&ED reimbursements. We’ll navigate the process on your behalf, ensuring that you get an optimal refund and the relevant credits owed to you for your contribution to Canadian innovation.


SR&ED Tax Credit Services

JTT Accounting helps you recover R&D costs. Why pay these expenses out of pocket when you can have the government contribute to your projects?

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program (SR&ED) releases over $6-billion in payments to R&D projects every year. JTT Accounting can help you get your fair share of that incentive. You get a cash refund for qualifying tech, and science-related R&D projects worked on in the last 18-months.

With JTT Accounting, we can recover up to 70% of your R&D costs through the SR&ED program. Your organization could qualify for non-refundable and refundable tax credits, lowering your R&D costs. With JTT Accounting on your side, you can keep innovating while remaining competitive in the global marketplace.

More than 29,000 Canadian companies benefit from the SR&ED program, and we can make you the next beneficiary. JTT Accounting understands the process required for submitting your SR&ED claim.

Our end-to-end accounting service covers every aspect of handling your SR&ED claim. Let us recover your R&D costs and put more money back in your bank account.


Let the CRA Pay for R&D Expenses

If you don’t know how to complete the paperwork when filing your SR&ED claim, the CRA will reject it, and they might decide to investigate the issue. With JTT Accounting, you get a team specializing in completing and filing SR&ED claims.

We’ll ensure we file everything correctly on your behalf so that the CRA understands what they are looking at and why you qualify for the refund of your R&D expenses. We collect all the supporting documents required from you and optimize your claim to recover as much of your R&D budget as possible.


Corporate SR&ED

JTT Accounting works with corporates to help them recover a large percentage of their R& expenses. If you’re not using this government-sponsored initiative, your company is throwing money away. We can help you streamline your reporting and cost analysis to improve the refund you receive through the SR&ED program.

Here are some qualifying R&D projects suitable for reimbursement through the SR&ED program.

  • Software design and development.
  • Prototype design.
  • Improvements on existing designs.
  • Technical development of your business.
  • Design, engineering, data collection, product development, or testing.
  • Research for industry or academic purposes.

If you think you qualify for any of the above, reach out to the team at JTT Accounting. We can work with existing financial departments to help you optimize your return without adding to your staff complement.

Our outsourced corporate accounting solution fits in with you – we don’t expect you to work around us. Talk to us, and we’ll see if you qualify for the SR&ED program.

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax, and Advisory Services for Startups in Canada

Are you a startup? Whether you’re a tech innovator or an engineering incubator, JTT Accounting understands the startup landscape and the financial requirements for sourcing investment. Startups have great ideas, but only a few of them can become the next Google, Amazon, or Facebook.

If you want the best valuation from investors, you need solid financial backing up your idea. The professionals at JTT Accounting understand what VCs are looking for when they examine a financial plan.

If you have no idea where you stand, JTT Accounting can unpack your vision into forecasts and cash flow models, unpacking the numbers in a way that makes sense to VCs. We understand that getting off the starting blocks is possibly the most challenging aspect of founding and launching any company.

With JTT Accounting working with you to manage your financial and tax affairs, you have a better chance of finding the funding you need.


Bookkeeping for Startups

When the startup is getting off the ground, the founders usually have a lot on their plate. If it’s a tech startup, that means managing the project, long development hours, and a team that can prove the concept, bringing it to market.

That’s a lot of responsibility, and we doubt you’re paying much attention to the books. The best startups in the world understand they need funding, but they have more of a focus on creation and execution. We get that, and that’s why we take care of the general accounting And bookkeeping while you take care of the project.

With JTT Accounting, you get a team that manages the back office while you focus on growth. We’re there for you the entire way through your development, from inception and founding to growth and expansion. We’re a fully-scalable accounting and tax solution and the last one your startup will ever need.


Advisory Services for Startups

When startups start to grow, it’s challenging to get your head around the numbers.

Startups need direction and leadership. JTT Accounting offers startups an advisory service covering every aspect of your business.

From incorporation to finding investment, preparing your books and financial statements, and assisting with SR&ED Claims – we do it all.

You can rely on the team at JTT Accounting for all your forecasting, budgeting, and consulting requirements; we’re ready to help you achieve the success you deserve.


Accounting Services for Startups in Canada

Accounting is a big part of the startup process. It’s easy to lose yourself in the technicality and marketing of the project. JTT Accounting will keep your ideas grounded in financial reality, helping you stay on track with meeting your business directives as much as bringing your creative vision to life.

Our professional accounting services prepare your books and financial statements, calculate and submit your tax return, and prepare for audits.


Tax Services for Startups in Canada

All startups must file tax returns. Regardless of whether you’re making money or not, the CRA wants to know that you’re in compliance.

JTT Accounting is your preferred tax specialist. We have a team of chartered accountants specializing in the financial requirements of startups.

We’ll advise you on the best path to develop your model and increase profitability. We can show you where you’re overspending on your operations and every detail of how you’re using your runway. We’ll manage your tax returns, payroll taxes, HST, tax planning and provide any advisory service you need to remain compliant with the tax code.


Incorporation Services for Startups

When your startup is ready to take on the market, JTT Accounting is there to formalize your business. We’ll help you choose the right corporate entity to manage your business. Our primary goal with formalizing your business is to reduce your tax responsibility.

We analyze your costs and income, giving you the best option for a corporate entity to meet your growth demands. We’ll help you separate the legal liability from personal responsibility, mitigating any risk to personal assets.

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax, and Advisory for Agency's & Self-Employed in Canada

Are you a self-employed person, freelancer, or gig worker? Maybe you own a home-based business? If that’s the case, JTT Accounting is there for you with everything you need to keep your financial affairs in order. We realize that just because you have a small business doesn’t mean that you’re not productive with your work.

If you choose the independent lifestyle, you deserve the treatment of any business that brings value to the Canadian economy. JTT Accounting understands that you are the backbone of the economy and one of the biggest contributors to GDP. So, you deserve the opportunity to save as much as you can on your tax responsibility to the government.

JTT Accounting will help you structure the right vehicle for your business and formalize your company or self-employed status to save you on your tax liability. We’ll help you write off a large portion of expenses and claim for home office space and operating costs.

We’ll help calculate quarterly income tax installments and contributions to the Canada Pension Plan. We’ll assist with preparing financial statements on Form T2125, Statement of Business Activities.


Self-Employed Tax Returns in Canada

JTT Accounting is here to help all self-employed individuals file their annual tax returns. We’ll keep your books during the year and ensure you recover all qualifying credits and deductions when filing your tax return.

We understand the Canadian tax code and how it applies to self-employed people. Contact our office and arrange an appointment with one of our consultants.


We’ll Help You Claim Home Office Costs

One of the biggest benefits offered to self-employed individuals is the ability to reclaim a large percentage of your business expenses.

For instance, the area in your home used for your business qualifies for a deduction on your total tax liability. That’s just one of many qualifying expenses. Think of your software and media subscriptions, home insurance, bank charges, and so much more.

We’ll help you “write off” those expenses from your total tax liability, saving you thousands on your taxes. Sure, you could try and do it yourself, but will you be as effective as professionals?


We’ll Deduct Your Business Expenses

Your home office is only one piece of the pie when optimizing your self-employed tax return. You may also qualify for deductibles on your business expenses like lunch and dinner meetings, gas costs, hotel expenses, and more.

JTT Accounting will help you uncover those costs and recover a large percentage of them from your total tax liability. Our services could save you thousands of dollars annually, more than paying for the costs of hiring our services.


Let Us Incorporate Your Business

Sometimes, your small business ends up being a raging success, and you need to take it to the next level. Maybe you’re preparing for investment to build a franchise, or you’re turning a freelancing business into an agency. JTT Accounting can advise you on the correct vehicle to take your business forward.

Small business entities get a low tax rate on the first $500,000 of income, and we can help you take advantage of this tax break. Working with the right tax professional can help you optimize these benefits when tax season arrives.

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax, and Advisory for Professionals in Canada

JTT Accounting offers a specialized accounting, tax, and advisory service for professionals in Canada. If you have a professional degree and a functioning practice, JTT Accounting will help you structure your business to streamline your operations and reduce your tax responsibility.

JTT Accounting is there for the following professionals.

  • Agents.
  • Lawyers.
  • Independent consultants.
  • Doctors.
  • Dentists.


Accounting, Tax, Bookkeeping and Advisory Services for Lawyers

Are you a legal professional? JTT Accounting offers Accounting services for independent legal practitioners and firms. We work with top law firms across Canada. We can help you with cost analysis and financial due diligence.

Our chartered accountants are specialists in handling all aspects of legal accounting requirements. We’ll work closely with you, developing a tax-efficient framework for your business. We can also assist independent lawyers with formalizing their company, tax advisory services, estate planning, and financial advisory.

Hire JTT Accounting Services for Your Legal Practice

With JTT Accounting assisting your family office or firm, you get a team dedicated to reducing your tax liability. We have experience working with hundreds of legal firms across Canada, saving them m0oney on their business operations and tax liability.


Accounting, Tax, Bookkeeping and Advisory Services for Doctors

JTT Accounting works with the medical community across Canada. Whether you run a private hospital or a family practice, JTT Accounting is ready to assist you with the financial aspects of running your business.

JTT Accounting will help you crush your tax bill during filing season, reducing your tax responsibility to the minimal amount possible. The result is more money going back into your business and your bank account.

We’ll help you recover costs for all your expenses and optimize your tax return to keep your business profitable and healthy. JTT Accounting can help your practice keep your books up to date throughout the year, ensuring that we have all the supporting documents we need to optimize your return at filing season.

Hire JTT Accounting for Your Medical Practice

JTT Accounting will help you recover the largest possible percentage of your operating costs. We help h7undreds of doctors across Canada reduce their tax liability, improving the sustainability of their practice. Reach out to our office, and we’ll arrange a virtual consultation with you anywhere in Canada.


Accounting, Tax, Bookkeeping and Advisory Services for Dentists

Are you a dentist and own your private practice? Let JTT Accounting handle your bookkeeping and taxes. Outsource your finical responsibility to us, and we’ll ensure you save thousands on your tax bill each year. Our tax experts unpack the operating costs of your business, helping you claim your expenses and reduce your tax burden.

We understand that your passion is the oral health of your patients. You want to optimize every minute of your schedule to see as many patients as possible. Doing your books and taxes is not at the top of your priority list, and it’s easy to lose sight of the financial position of your business after a few months of procrastinating on your books.

We can control your books during the year and work remotely with you to manage the financial affairs of your business. With JTT Accounting, you get a team that can handle the needs of any size dentistry.

Hire JTT Accounting for Your Dentistry

Contact the service team at JTT Accounting. We’ll connect you with one of our professional accountants to see how we can help your business thrive. We understand every practice is unique, and we’ll ensure you mitigate as much of your tax responsibility as possible.


Accounting, Tax, Bookkeeping and Advisory Services for Chiropractors

JTT Accounting works with chiropractic practitioners across Canada. We have a team of chartered accountants that understand the needs of professional businesses from a financial and tax standpoint. We know that sines are your specialty, not numbers.

Let JTT Accounting handle the finances and tax responsibilities for your practice or wellness center. You can focus on your patients and maximize your appointments. It’s your time with patients that matters most, so let us take care of the books.

We’ll take your income and expenses for you and optimize your tax return, so you receive the best deduction rate and tax credits owed to you by the tax authorities. JTT Accounting works with the OCA Advantages Program, recommended by the Ontario Chiropractic Industry.

Hire JTT Accounting for Your Chiropractic Office 

Contact our offices right now, and we’ll book your consultation. We can work with any chiropractor in the country; it’s not necessary for us to ever set foot in your practice. We work with numbers and what you give us. We turn those numbers into the magic that reduces your tax liability while keeping your business profitable.

JTT Accounting – Accounting and Tax Services for Students in Canada

JTT Accounting Operates specialist tax and accounting services for students. We realize that students need bookkeeping and tax services as much as employees and business owners.

Hire us, and we’ll help you get the most out of your bursary, scholarship, or employee income while working as a student.

Our team understands the tax code, and we can help you claim credits to lower your tax payment to the Canadian government, even if you’re overseas.

Consulting Services in Canada

JTT Accounting offers you a comprehensive range of consulting and advisory services in Canada. We operate online, and we can help you regardless of where you position your head office. Contact our service team right now, and we’ll book a virtual consultation.


Consulting Services in Canada for Corporates and Businesses

JTT Accounting offers consulting and advisory services for corporates and business owners in Canada. We specialize in locating the strongest and weakest points of your business by helping you make sense of the numbers.

When you have us working on your finances, you can rest assured knowing that we are working with your best interests at heart. Our advisory and consulting services are available for all industries.

The team of chartered accountants at JTT Accounting has years of experience in a corporate advisory role. Our team can help you prepare for acquisition and ensure that you remain compliant with all legislation surrounding the process.


Business and Financial Consulting in Canada

Running a small business comes with a unique set of challenges. We understand that small business owners and entrepreneurs are vital to the country’s growth. However, while you value the numbers, we also know that you often lack the time and patience to do the books.

It’s easy to lose track of your finances after just a few weeks of failing to keep the books in order. When you start losing grip on your finances, you’ll find that things begin to slow down for your business. When you understand the numbers and you have team giving you accurate data, you can get a snapshot of the health of your business.

When you understand margins and how they affect your profits, you’re moving closer to growth. JTT Accounting can help you analyze the books to look at the profitability of companies you want to buy; We can also assist with getting your books in order for selling your business.


Information Technology Consulting in Canada

If you run a business, you need someone managing your back office to financially keep your company on track. JTT Accounting can help you set up your business’s IT infrastructure for your accounting systems. We work with the latest tech innovations to ensure you get the cutting edge of accounting financial systems for your business.

We can integrate our systems with your existing accounting software or build you an accounting system from the ground up.

JTT Accounting has experience with working on all types of technology. We know how to set up your financial database and systems in the cloud, mitigating the risk of any bad actors breaching your systems and stealing your data. We prioritize safety, privacy, and security when planning your financial infrastructure.


Management Consulting in Canada

JTT Accounting brings corporates and businesses management consulting services for their finance departments. We can work with your team to expand their knowledge base and employee experience with our management consulting services.  

Our management consulting services build skills in finance and accounting departments. We’ll give you strategies for improving your vendor selection criteria, accounting, and tax requirements when setting up international offices.


Payroll and HR Consulting in Canada

JTT Accounting offers advisory and consulting services on payroll and HR systems. Our team of consultants will help you structure your payroll and employee tax obligations. We’ll ensure your employees get paid on time and with no errors in the payroll process.

We’ll conduct an audit of your payroll system and ensure its compliant with your employees’ EI, CPP, and income tax deductions. If you don’t remit deductions or report incorrect amounts, you increase the risk of receiving fines and penalties from the Canadian Revenue Agency.


Consulting Services for Consultants and Independents in Canada

We offer consulting services for consultants and independent contractors like freelancers. We can help you navigate the growth opportunities for your business or tell you when it’s time to formalize your company into another structure to lower your tax obligation further.

We specialize in company migrations, allowing you a smooth transition from one corporate structure to another. You can rely on us as your trusted financial advisor for navigating the pitfalls around the market.

We’ll set you up with basic accounting systems for your business and work with you to go through any previous years where you didn’t file taxes or were not working. We can assist you with your tax filing to ensure that the CRA doesn’t penalize you for not reporting properly in the past or limit these penalties.

Estate Planning Services in Canada

JTT Accounting brings you a complete range of estate planning services in Canada. We have a comprehensive understanding of estate law and how it applies to planning your estate. When you pass, you want to know that your heir will get their inheritance.

JTT Accounting works to execute your estate per your wishes; We’re experts at advising you on everything to do with estate law. From drafting wills to setting up trusts, JTT Accounting can work with you to ensure the seamless transition of your wealth between generations.

Our team of professional accountants works with you to ensure your family pays as little estate duty as possible when finalizing your affairs. We understand that you want your assets to go to your heirs, not the state, and we ensure that the wealth stays in your family, according to your wishes.

We can help you with planning your retirement and budgeting for the final decades of life. With JTT Accounting managing your financial affairs, you’ll know that you’re on track to realize your retirement goals.

Above all, we understand your family is going through a very stressful time in the weeks after your passing. The stress of preparing the final arrangement around the tragedy is hard enough. Adding financial stress into the situation is something that you want to avoid.

JTT Accounting takes care of all the financial requirements surrounding the execution of your estate. We make sure that your family has the easiest time handling the transfer of your estate during this difficult time in life.

  • We ensure your family maintains control over your estate.
  • We’ll ensure you get to choose the executor.
  • We’ll tell you what to expect to pay in estate duty and fees, and we’ll keep the costs to a minimum.
  • We’ll review your will and help you make any changes or updates to the document.
  • We help you anticipate any family conflict that may arise during the division of your estate.
  • We’ll implement a tax planning strategy minimizing the estate taxes.

Contact JTT Accounting for professional estate planning services in Canada. Our team is ready to assist you with finding the right vehicle and solution for your retirements and the transfer of your wealth.

Our estate planning services review the tax consequences involving your estate. The Canadian tax code uses “deemed disposition” to assume all assets in the estate liquidate upon your death, making estate tax due.

The estate planning experts at JTT Accounting review your unique financial position. We’ll anticipate potential tax liability while creating a roadmap to minimize estate taxes.


Advisory Estate Planning in Canada

Contact JTT Accounting for a professional accounting firm specializing in estate planning. Our advisory services help your family deal with the challenging times after the event of your passing.

Estate planning is a critical part of ensuring the transfer of your wealth to your heirs. To achieve the best tax rate and ensure your family retains as much of your wealth as possible. Estate planning is absolutely for high net worth individuals with a significant number of assets to bequeath to their heirs.

Our professional estate planners offer you step-by-step guidance through the process of effective estate planning. We’ll give you confidence that your family is in good hands with us.

Estate Accountants Canada

JTT Accounting offers you a way to protect your family’s wealth through our estate planning services. Our team will assess your financial position and recommend the best way to structure a vehicle that transitions the family wealth between generations.

Why Rely on JTT Accounting Services in Canada?

We understand that you have plenty of choices when selecting the right accounting partner for your business. When you hire JTT Accounting, you’re making the right decision for your business. 

If you’re looking for an edge when tax season rolls around, or with sourcing investment, or planning your estate, contact JTT Accounting.


Leverage Our Team and Skillset

With us working on the books, you can focus on your business. JTT Accounting removes the responsibility of handling your personal, company, or corporate finances off your plate.

Our team of expert chartered accounts has an extensive track record of success with our clients. When you work with us, you have a qualified team helping you manage your finances.

If you hire an inexperienced accountant, they could end up sinking your business. We realize that the numbers are everything, and we’ll ensure you get a perfect set of books and the advisory you need to grow your finances and your company.


Delegate Your Tax and Accounting Responsibilities

With JTT Accounting handling your financial affairs and tax responsibility, you have more time. Why spend hours battling with personal tax returns only to find you owe thousands more to the CRA than you expected?

With JTT Accounting working on your return, you can focus on the important projects while optimizing and filing your return on your behalf, reducing your total tax responsibility.


Trusted Advisory Services from Experts

JTT Accounting is the top-rated accounting service in Canada. We specialize in a wide range of services for your business, beyond accounting and tax. We’ll advise you on the financial responsibilities of your business.

From valuations to assessing business that you want to buy, JTT Accounting does it all. You can rely on our team for advice that takes your business to the next level of success. We’re ready to take your business to the next level of success, are you?


We’ll Save You Money on Your Tax Return, and Expenses – Our Services Pay for Themselves

Business owners and self-employed people experience through realizing their vision. However, managing your business and growing as fast as possible requires a team around you. Why try to balance the books and your business when you can have JTT Accounting do it for you?

Don’t make the mistake of cutting accounting costs out of your business model. That’s a big mistake. Your business gets a valuable asset with the right accountant working with you. We’ll help you keep your finances in order and reduce your tax liability.

Our services practically pay for themselves, and you’ll notice the difference on your first tax return.

If you’re a large business or corporate, you need an accounting and tax partner you can trust. We have the experience you need to optimize your business. Our advisory and tax services add value to your company. Let us show you how. Contact us to book a consultation today.

JTT Accounting – Your Online Tax Accountant

JTT Accounting is more than a family office working with a few select clients. It’s our goal to bring our services to every Canadian in the country. With JTT Accounting, you get a team that knows how to leverage the internet to communicate with our clients.

We never even have to see you in a face-to-face consultation; we can work with you remotely. If you’re searching for online tax accountants in any province, reach out to us, and we’ll ensure you get the best virtual service experience possible.


Secure Communications

JTT Accounting understands the importance of data in the digital age. Data is the most valued commodity in the world, and we keep yours secure at all times.

We communicate with you using encrypted channels, ensuring that bad actors have no access to our communications. You can relax knowing that your data is safe with us.


Full Offsite Data Storage and Backup

We store all our customer data in secure server locations. We keep backups of everything and ensure that no bad actors can ever get their hands on your sensitive files.

With JTT Accounting, you never have to worry about your data going missing if you experience a cyber-attack. We have a copy of all your accounts on our system, and we’ll help you restore the financial framework of your business.


JTT Online Tax Accountants – We Work Anywhere in Canada

JTT Accountants services all provinces, cities, and towns across Canada. Even if we don’t have an office in your town, you can work with us online. Stop searching for a tax accountant near me and contact the team at JTT Accounting.

We’re your preferred online tax accountant partner, and we can work with you from any location, even abroad. Use JTT Accounting for online tax accountants that understand how to communicate with you in the digital era.


Reach Out to Our Team to Discuss Your Accounting and Tax Requirements

JTT Accounting is ready to assist you with resolving your tax queries and filing requirements. Our team of professional chartered accountants can handle the financial responsibilities of your business. From bookkeeping to tax specialist services, and advisory, JTT Accounting is your trusted partner.

Reach out to our team, and we’ll Make sure you get the service you deserve. We work for the people of Canada, not the government, and we’ll help you maintain compliance with the tax code while mitigating and reducing your tax responsibility.

JTT Accounting – Our Services List

JTT Accounting – Tools & Knowledge

JTT Accounting – Accounting Services in Canada FAQ

Contact our offices right now and speak with one of our qualified tax accountants. Whether you’re looking for a corporate tax advisory or you need to file a personal tax return, we can help. 

We offer you a top-rated tax accounting service in Canada, and our goal is to give you the financial accountability you need to keep your business moving forward. Reach out right now, and we’ll arrange a free consultation.


Q: Why do I need to hire JTT Accounting? Can’t I do my books myself?

A: Sure, you can complete your tax return yourself, but will you do it right? Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Completing your return yourself could end up with you having to pay more to the CRA than you expected.

When you work with JTT Accounting, you’re accessing the skillsets and experience of the top accounting firm in Canada. We’re confident we can optimize your return to reduce your tax liability to the government.


Q: I’m a Canadian citizen, and my wife is a resident. Do we both need to file a tax return?

A: Yes, all residents and citizens over 18-years must file an annual tax return with the Canadian government. If the CRA sends you a request to file a return, make contributions to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), apply for the Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB), or need to repay social benefits, you’ll need to file a tax return.


Q: What is the CRA deadline for filing my tax return?

A: The CRA deadline for filing your tax return is April 30th. When filing your return, you’re doing so for the previous year, not the current year. Self-employed individuals must file returns by June 15th. We recommend you work with JTT Accounting a few months before these dates to ensure you stay compliant with the Canadian tax code.


Q: Can you help me with filing tax returns for previous years?

A: Yes, JTT Accounting will assist you with filing past tax returns. We’ll keep you compliant and help you avoid penalties where we can. Before you give us a call, make sure you have all your supporting documents ready for submission. Keep your receipts and any documents related to a financial activity.


Q: What are the CRA paperwork requirements for filing tax returns?

A: For professional married couples with separate incomes and children, you’ll need the following when filing your return.

T4/Rl-1 from employers.

T5/Rl-3 for investment income.

Low-income families need a lease or document proving property tax payments.

Daycare receipts from daycare providers.

Transit pass receipts.

RRSP contribution slips.

Contact JTT Accounting, and we’ll help you get more from your tax return this filing season. IT might surprise you how much money you can claim back through deductions, benefits programs, and tax credits. Let us show you what’s possible.


Q: How do I go about calculating my tax liability?

A: It’s not as easy as it sounds to calculate what you owe in taxes this year. IF you don’t have the experience required to file your return properly, you’re leaving money on the table, and that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Hire JTT Accounting, and we’ll ensure you file an optimized return, lowering your tax liability to the smallest amount possible. Our services practically pay for themselves, and you come out ahead in most cases.


Q: Will I need to report the income I earned outside of Canada to the CRA?

A: Yes, if you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you’ll need to report all income earned internationally. JTT Accounting can assist you with optimizing your return and structuring offshore accounts to limit tax liability.


Q: What is the difference between a deduction and a tax credit?

A: Credits and deductions lower your tax liability. With credits, they reduce the amount you owe the CRA on your tax return. 

Deductions lower your income, dropping you into a lower tax bracket. The team at JTT Accounting will help you navigate the complexities of applying credits and deductions to your return this tax season.


Q: What expenses can I claim using the Home Renovation Tax Credit?

A: JTT Accounting will ensure you get everything due to you when claiming for Home Renovation Tax Credits. Our team of experts claims costs for equipment rental, materials, permits, labor, and consultation. Talk to us, and we’ll lower your tax burden this year.


Q: Are there any benefits to owning a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)?

A: Yes, Canadian citizens and residents qualify for a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). You get a tax-free investment, with a maximum of $5,000 in contributions each year. JTT Accounting will  


Q: How does the Canadian Child Tax Benefit work?

A: All Canadian residents and citizens quality for Child Tax Benefit for each child under 18-years old in their household. JTT Accounting can assist you with filing for this benefit when filing your tax return.


Q: Can I deduct RRSP contributions when filing my Canadian tax return?

A: Yes, line 208 on the Canadian personal tax return form allows you to claim official contribution receipts as a deduction up to the RRSP deduction limit.


Q: How can I file for GST/HST tax credits?

A: The program is available for Canadian citizens and residents 19-years and older. You can apply for GST/HST credits with your annual tax filing. JTT Accounting can assist you with optimizing your tax credits when filing your claim.


Q: Does Canada have payroll taxes?      

A: Yes, all Canadian employers must withhold income tax from employees’ paychecks and deduct contributions for the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) premiums.

You’ll also have to submit any provincial employer tax.


Q: Do sole proprietors need to file tax returns in Canada?

A: Yes, sole-proprietors must file annual tax returns. JTT Accounting works with freelancers and independent contractors. We’ll assist you with filing your T1 or T2 form and formalizing your business to save on your tax liability.


Q: What are the CRA reporting and accounting requirements for Canadian small businesses?

A: Small businesses must file corporate returns every year, including GST/QST remissions if registered for GST/QST. JTT Accounting will help you maintain compliance with all small business reporting and accounting requirements set by the CRA.


Q: Can I file for a tuition credit refund?

A: Unfortunately, you can’t claim refunds on tuition credits, but we can structure them into your return to lower your total tax liability. JTT Accounting works with students across Canada and studying abroad to keep more money in your pocket during tax season.


Q: Do Canadian students need to declare money gifts from family members on their tax returns?

A: No, there’s no need to declare the money you receive as a gift from a family member, which includes allowances.


Q: What are the requirements for supporting documents when filing my tax return with the CRA?

A: When we work with you, we need to collect a range of supporting documents. The supporting document requirements vary widely between personal and corporate filings. Our team knows what the CRA requires, and we ensure you remain compliant with all tax laws and regulations.


Q: Does the CRA require Canadian international students to file tax returns?

A: Yes, if you’re studying abroad and earning income through employment, bursaries, or scholarships, you’ll need to file a tax return every year. We can assist you with filing your return from abroad and claiming credits due.