Business Solutions From Your Accountant in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada is one of the more affluent parts of Toronto. 

That explains why the top accountants in Richmond Hill are becoming increasingly busy. This part of Toronto is packed with both large and small business. In many ways, Richmond Hill has a European vibe to it. 

Your Accountant in Richmond Hill 

Are you looking for an accountant in Richmond Hill? 

When you have a business in Richmond Hill, it is likely that you are very busy. Most business owners in this part of Toronto say that keeping up with admin and accounting is hard. 

General admin is not something that JTT Accounting Services can help you with, but we can certainly help you with book-keeping. Our firm of accountants has an excellent book-keeping team that can take care of your daily book keeping requirements. All experts at JTT are fully qualified and/or experienced.

JTT Accounting, services for in Richmond Hill, can also help your business with its payroll requirements. By outsourcing tasks such as general accounting, you can get on with running your business. 

Tax Planning For Busy People and Companies

As Richmond Hill is a rather affluent area, it is probably right to say that many local residents make perfect candidates for our JTT Accounting Services personal tax planning service. 

Many people who live in this part of Greater Toronto are busy. You probably find it hard to find the time to fill in your tax return. Instead of struggling, you can contact JTT. We will take all of the hassle out of the situation and complete your tax return for you. 

Letting JTT complete your tax return, gives you the chance to ask us to check for tax breaks. When you try to do your own tax return, it is easy to miss out on available tax breaks or tax deductions. 

If you suspect that you may have overpaid tax in the past, you could ask JTT Accountants – as anyone in Richmond Hill – to check your old tax returns. Perhaps you are due a refund. The service is certainly worth paying a little bit extra for. 

What about company and business taxes? Once again, this is a service that JTT excels at when it comes to accounting practices. 

If you as a business owner don’t like that butterflies-in your-tummy feeling you get when you submit your tax return, it is better to hire the professionals. They will double-check your figures. 

When you are concerned about any aspect of your taxes, ask JTT to check everything. It is almost like a mini-audit just for you. Just like private individuals, there are many businesses that overpay their taxes because they forget to make available deductions. 

Audits with JTT Accounting Services

The team at JTT are professionals and well-qualified. When your business has grown and you require an external audit to confirm its accounts, JTT can help you out. 

Remember that both internal and external audits take time to set up. If this is your first time your business is being audited, you must arrange for the JTT audit team to help you. 

Auditing a company’s accounts takes time. When you decide that you would like JTT to carry out your next audit, you need to set up a meeting and decide on a schedule. 

Normally, the accounts of a company are audited and then finalized. If you have business partners or investors, they have to agree and sign-off the final accounts. 

How long does an audit take? That depends on the size of your business and its complexity. It would be fair to say that auditing a business which trades internationally takes longer. 

The JTT team must ensure you comply with CRA regulations and then check a certain number of transactions. Do you need to make your bank statements available? Yes, you do. 

Moving Forward Together With Your Accountants

If you have never worked with a team of accountants before, you may find it challenging. 

Remember that they are there to help you to improve your business. Many business owners don’t ask their accountant’s advice. 

It could be that your accountant does not necessarily understand the complete niche of your business, but there will still be many points they will understand. 

For instance, during an audit is a good time to ask about accounts software. That being said, many businesses decide that they don’t need to run their own software. Instead, they let their accountant’s book-keeper do all of the book-keeping and payroll. 

Working together with your accountants is a relationship built on trust. Listen to what they have to say and take them up on their advice. Your accountant in Richmond Hill may even make your business more profitable. 

Is It Expensive to Hire An Accountant? 

Before you go ahead and hire an accountant, you should always check their fees. 

Accountants charge different fees for depending on the job. A good example would be if you are thinking about selling your business. Depending on the size of your business, you would probably need profit and loss accounts and a balance sheet. 

Having a mini-audit to confirm the accounts is also a good idea.

Hiring an accountant in Richmond Hill does cost money. But, the upside is that you can get a better return on investment when your accountant in Richmond Hill has prepared the accounts for you. 

In Conclusion

We often underestimate how useful it is to hire an accountant in Richmond Hill. Most Richmond Hill accountants are only too happy to help their clients to save money. 

Once you get to know your Richmond Hill accountant, you will probably feel more comfortable asking for money-saving tips. Then again, most Richmond Hill accountants don’t mind volunteering money saving ideas. 

Your local accountant in Richmond Hill can be whoever but we hope you choose JTT Accounting Services to be your go to accounting partner. When you would like more about the many professional services we offer, all you have to do is to give us a call. You can also contact our team by email or fill in the contact form on this website. 

Explain that you need an accountant and try to give as much detail as possible. That way, it is easier for the team here at JTT to assign you the best accountant for your business or personal requirements.