Accountants For Burlington Residents

Finding Time For Accounts In Burlington

When you run a business, you are often faced with many daily niggles. One of them is doing the accounts. 

If you find keeping up with day-to-day book-keeping tasks, you need an accountant in Burlington, Ontario. 

The truth is that many  Burlington business owners prefer to concentrate on the core function of their businesses rather than doing administrative tasks. In the past, keeping the accounts on track and out on time was easier. 

These days, with so much global trade, making sure accounts are right and delivered on time is more challenging. 

How Your Accountant in Burlington Can Help You

JTT Accounting Services is a leading firm of accounts in the Ontario province in Canada. We work together with a broad range of businesses including companies trading locally and larger international corporations. 

No matter what size business you own, the team at JTT Accounting is convinced that we can help you. 

The JTT Accounting team provides a full range of services that you would associate with a leading accounting company for all in Canada. 

Services Offered By JTT Accounting

When you feel that your talent is put to better use elsewhere rather than sitting in front of a computer entering invoices, please give JTT Accounting a call. 

One of the awesome team members will explain how the firm can help your business. 

JTT sees working together with local companies in Burlington as a team effort. We appreciate that all business owners have a unique approach when it comes to running a business. 

Still, when you own a business in Canada, you need to make sure that you comply with CRA guidelines. In the fast changing world of commerce, keeping on top of CRA compliance is not easy. 

For instance, if your company accepts payments in Bitcoin, do you need to declare it?

You do need make sure that you comply with cryptocurrency rules when you want to accept crypto and perhaps pay in crypto. 

Cryptocurrency is something rather new. Many businesses are still not sure how they should treat crypto. Rather than making costly mistakes, it is better to contact a firm of  Burlington accountants. 

Who knows? Maybe one day we will all be paid in cryptocurrency. As things are changing so quickly, it is challenging for businesses to keep up with the changes. Next time you check out a business online, try to find out if they accept crypto. 

Many of them do. There is little wonder why the Canadian Government wants in on the act. If we don’t declare how much we earn in crypto, the Canadian Revenue Service would miss out on many millions of taxable dollars. 

JTT Accounting can give you the best advice on how to deal with the crypto challenge in your business. It is clearly here to stay and it is important to deal with challenge of incorporating crypto in your business plan. 

Taxes in Canada

Very few of us can get away with not paying taxes. 

The truth is that we need taxes to enjoy a healthy economy and all of the services we have in Canada. 

As so many companies trade globally in both physical and digital goods, the Revenue service is always updating laws and regulations. 

Are you finding it hard to keep on top of current national and provincial laws? You are not alone.

One of the main reasons a company or business owner should contact JTT Accounting Services is to ask about import and export regulations. 

Most recently, our trading relationship with the United Kingdom changed after the country left the EU. It takes time to workout new unilateral agreements with other countries. 

Perhaps you would like to know is if you need to pay import duty on goods you import from the UK. 

That is not an ease question to answer as one size does not fit all. We import a wide range of goods from the UK. There has also been changes to export documentation. 

At the moment, more paperwork is required. If you run a small business, filling out import and export documentation is very time-consuming. 

Once again, this is something that the JTT Accounting team can help you with before you start packing boxes to be shipped to the UK. 

Tax Planning and Financial Planning Burlington

Would you like to know more about tax and financial planning? 

When you are busy running your company, tax and financial planning is probably something that feels less important. 

But, if you look after your tax, you also look after your own and the business’s finances. 

It is important to realize that you will have to pay tax one day.

When you are not sure how you can best manage both, get in touch with JTT Accounting. 

We will make sure that you know exactly how much tax you have to pay or how much tax is due back to you. 

Book-keeping and Payroll

Two of the most requested services at JTT Accounting are book-keeping and payroll. 

Both are very time-consuming. On top of that, setting up your own in-house book-keeping and payroll team is expensive. 

This is why so many companies and business choose to contract out to capable Burlington accountants. 

JTT has a dedicated book-keeping team that can take care of your debits and credits so you don’t have to worry about them. 

Payoll is another accounting service popular with JTT Accounting clients. 

In Conclusion

Would you like to know more about any of the services JTT Accounting can help you with? All you have to do is get in touch with your/a JTT Accounting rep or our team and well get you in touch with an accountant – this is for anyone in Burlington. 

You will find that the team would be delighted to help you. They make any audit or stock check go smoothly. 

If you are worried about your personal tax status, get in touch via phone or email. Let JTT Accounting Services help you to lead a better and stress-free business life. That is when you can get on with building your business and fulfilling your dreams. 

Most company owners would like to dedicate more time to their core business. If you feel like that, contact an accountant in Burlington or JTT Accounting Services right away.